General description
NENUPHAR, a French SME, is developing utility scale vertical axis wind turbines designed for floating offshore applications. These wind turbines should be:

  • Robust to ensure low maintenance and high reliability in an offshore environment.
  • Adapted for a floating application: they must be combined with a cost effective floater in order to compete with bottom mounted solutions.
  • Designed for an offshore installation with only tug boats (no dedicated offshore crane).
NENUPHAR has developed its own blade technology production and its own control system for a VAWT used in floating offshore conditions. A 35 kW demonstrator has been installed and is currently being tested.

Participation in WP2 and WP7 and WP8:

  • Blade manufacturing process together with DTU MEK (WP2)
  • Blade manufacturing (WP7)
  • Manufacturing of the mechanical parts of the prototype (WP7)
28 JUNE 2022