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About DeepWind

Watch the video about the DeepWind project and learn more about the ideas behind and the objectives. The project began in October 2010 and ended in September 2014. It was funded by FP7.



DeepWind is a 4 year project, funded by FP7 - Energy, and runs from 1 October 2010 to 30 September 2014. Offshore wind energy will play a steadily increasing role and calls for dedicated technology rather than being based on onshore technology that in principle just is transported to sea environments. The hypothesis of this project is that a new wind turbine concept developed specifically for offshore application has potential for better cost efficiency than existing offshore technology.Based on this hypothesis the project has the overall objective of exploring the technologies needed for development of a new and simple floating offshore concept with a vertical axis rotor and a floating and rotating foundation. Additionally, the objective is to develop calculation and design tools for development and evaluation of very large wind turbines based on this concept.

DeepWind - a novel offshore floating wind turbine concept

DeepWind is a novel offshore floating wind turbine concept, based on the invention of J.M. Darrieus. The concept has a low centre of mass, operates independently of wind direction and tilts due to wind loads. Our stall-controlled rotor includes a very long shaft, a direct drive generator deep at the bottom of the spar, and a mooring system. A water brake or a similar device can be applied preventing overspeed.

PhD Luca Vita, DTU

Portrait of Luca Vita PhD, DTU Wind Energy "Offshore Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Floating and Rotating Foundation" Further information:

DeepWind in Roskilde Fjord

On this video you can see the 1 kW DeepWind demonstrator in operation in Roskilde Fjord, Denmark. Waves strikes the demonstrator while in operation. This demonstration took place in 2012.
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