General description
Research on wind energy at the Delft University of Technology began 30 years ago, starting with aerodynamic research project at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. At present DUWind is the wind energy research organization of the Delft University of Technology. Its research program covers almost all aspects of modern wind turbine technology, and is undertaken across 5 faculties in 13 groups. Each of the research groups at these faculties has its own specific expertise, but an increasing number of research questions require a multi-disciplinary approach. This is why DUWind was established in August 1999 as a new interfaculty research organization, specifically for wind energy. 

DUWind at present comprises approximately 55 (full time equivalent) researchers, among them 30 PhD students, making it one of the largest academic research groups on wind energy. The focus of DUWind program is on the development of turbine and wind farm technology, ranging from basic research through technology development to design support for the industry.
DUWind also provides courses for students and for professionals in the wind energy industry. Students can specialize in wind energy at a Master level, often in cooperation with industry.

Responsibility for manufacturing process codes development (WP1, WP2)
28 JUNE 2022