Work Packages

The challenges of the wind turbine concept, expressed in the objectives of the project will be explored with a scientific method by means of simulations and experiments. Each area of research will use different methodologies to find the results in cross-cutting technologies. In general, these methodologies are described in the following sub-chapters. The project will be carried out in a management activity package (WP10), in 6 technical work packages (WP1- WP6), a verification programme (WP7) and an evaluation programme (WP8). Exploitation and dissemination activities are carried out in WP9.

  • Work Package 1: Aero-elastic code and simulation of performance, dynamics and loads - work package leader Risø DTU
  • Work Package 2: Blade technology and blade design - work package leader DTU MEK
  • Work Package 3: Generator concepts - work package leader Aalborg University
  • Work Package 4: Turbine system controls - work package leader Sintef Energy
  • Work Package 5: Mooring, floating and torque absorption systems - work package leader MARINTEK
  • Work Package 6: Exploration of torque, lift and drag on a rotating tube - work package leader DHI
  • Work Package 7: Proof-of-principle experiments - work package leader Risø DTU
  • Work Package 8: Integration of technologies and upscaling - work package leader Maritime Research Institute Netherlands
  • Work Package 9: Dissemination and Exploitation - work package leader Risø DTU


Uwe Schmidt Paulsen
Senior Scientist
DTU Wind
+45 21 32 94 05
26 MAY 2022