General description
The Department of Energy Technology carries out research the entire area of energy technology proposing technological solutions for effective utilisation of the energy resources, enhanced security of supply and a better environment. The Department’s research includes production, distribution and application of energy in components and systems. In the near future, the Department will focus on the development and optimisation of sustainable energy systems, efficiency enhancement, and security of supply, and a new overall energy plan for Denmark and the EU. The Department will consolidate its traditional strength positions, e.g. wind power technology, power electronics, electric generators and motors. Most of our research projects are conducted in collaboration with Danish industry. The Department of Energy Technology has excellent test facilities for electric generators and power electronics converters and an interdisciplinary research environment dedicated to finding new solutions to existing and new problems.

WP leader for WP3, providing
  • Generator and power converter concepts (WP3)
28 JUNE 2022