The 5 MW Deepwind Floating Offshore Vertical Wind Turbine Concept Design - Status And Perspective, 4 May 2015

Integrated simulation challenges with the DeepWind floating vertical axis wind turbine concept, 4 February 2015 at the 12th Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D Conference EERA DeepWind’2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Outcomes of the DeepWind conceptual design, 3 February 2015

DeepWind - An Innovative Offshore Wind Turbine Concept, 4-7 February 2013 at EWEA Annual Event in Vienna, Austria

1st DeepWind 5 MW baseline design, 19-20 January 2012 at the 9th Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D Seminar in Tronheim, Norway

DeepWind - tomorrow’s concept for large offshore wind power, 11-14 April 2011 in North America

Prospects of Large Floating Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, 20-21 January 2011 in Trondheim, Norway

DeepWind - Contact and information flyer

DeepWind study proposal for Masters at DTU


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